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          Stop Hunger Pangs


          Stop Hunger




          If you are struggling to control your hunger whilst on a diet, then read our top tips to stop hunger pangs here.



          How to Stop Hunger Pangs



          What are hunger pangs? 


          Hunger pangs can be described as sharp pains, or contractions felt in the stomach, normally experienced after five to six hours without food.


          Why do I experience hunger pangs even after eating?


          Hunger pangs are not always the result of not eating enough, and can also appear due to various emotional factors. Stress, boredom and feeling upset can all bring on 'phantom' hunger, with many of us relying on food to cheer us up or as a way to deal with a difficult situation.


          Hunger pangs and dieting


          When dieting, hunger pangs are usually the body抯 natural way of telling you to eat more, and as such can be very hard to ignore. Many dieters who have tried to lose weight with little success, complain that hunger pangs were the number one reason why their diet had failed.


          Below we list our top tips on beating hunger pangs and suppressing your appetite:


          Stop hunger pangs by consuming more protein - Foods such as fish, eggs, lean meat, and soy based products all contain high amounts of protein, which leave you feeling fuller for longer. Recent studies show that people who have eggs for breakfast consume far less calories for the rest of the day.


          Stop hunger pangs with exercise - 'Phantom' hunger can often appear when we feel stressed or bored. Exercising for just 10-15 minutes can release endorphins - a natural chemical which gives you a sense of well being and happiness.


          Stop hunger pangs by drinking plenty of water - When the body is dehydrated, you experience physical effects which are very similar to hunger. Next time you feel you need to snack, try drinking a glass of cold water instead. Water can also help speed up the metabolism helping you burn more calories throughout the day.


          Stop hunger pangs with a natural appetite suppressant -


          If you continually suffer from food cravings you may benefit from using a natural appetite suppressant such as Proactol.


          Proactol contains a natural plant extract taken from prickly pears which can help prevent cravings and also reduce fat intake by up to a quarter.


          Proactol is both medically backed and clinically proven, featuring natural ingredients which do not cause negative side effects.


          Read more about Proactol



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