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          One Week Diet System Review | Is The One Week Diet System Any Good?


          One Week Diet System Review


          The One Week Diet System seems to offer a quick fix, but with no list of ingredients on its website, can it really justify the whopping ?0 price tag for a one weeks supply?






          One Week Diet System review



          From reading the bottle, the One Week Diet System seems like every dieters dream - simply replace your meals with this drink and lose weight within a week. But does this sound too good to be true? We take a look at exactly how the One Week Diet system works to find out.


          How does the One Week Diet System work? 

          The One Week Diet System works as a liquid meal replacement and digestive cleanse. It is designed to be taken twice daily for a week and used alongside a sensible diet (which they offer diet plan recipes) and moderate exercise to achieve the best results.


          At Diet World, we like to see hard evidence when it comes to products claiming to help you lose weight, such as successful clinical trials and medically proven weight loss ingredients. Unfortunately the One Week diet system can boast neither of these claims.


          We decided to put the One Week Diet System against one of the most popular slimming products on the market - Proactol to see how it measures up.



          One Week Diet System






          Type of diet supplement

          Liquid replacement meal & digestive cleanser


           Fat binder & appetite suppressant


          Natural mix

          Organic cactus plant extract



          2 drinks daily in place of your meals, every other


          3 pills per day after

          main meals

          Side effects

          Not mentioned on their website


          Is it clinically proven?


            Yes, it has been through extensive clinical tests 




          ?9.98 per month

          From ?8.94 per month (based

          on the 8 box deal)




          From ?.00 to the UK


          Free Delivery




          Refund offered in the form of a voucher check within 30 days


          6 month full money

          back guarantee

          More Information



          One Week website



           Read our full Proactol Review



          One Week diet system side effects


          There are no side effects mentioned on the website, but it states that the One Week diet system should be taken every other week - this is so you can give your body a rest from the regime.


          One week diet system conclusion


          So what's the one week review? Well when we put these two slimming products head to head, you can see Proactol has the edge.


          Proactol has been clinically proven to -


           Bind up to 28% of your fat intake

           Reduce your body weight

           Lower your food cravings

           Suppress your hunger


          The lack of clear information about the One Week diet system's ingredients, and the fact that it has to be taken one week on, one week off, makes Proactol a better choice for safe weight loss.


          Also, Proatol costs much less and comes with a 6 month money back guarantee.


          Proactol has the added advantages of -


           Undergone 5 successful pre-clinical trials.


           Hundreds of video and written testimonials from UK users.


           Extra health benefits along with weight loss including improved blood cholesterol, increased energy levels and better mobility.


           Being backed by leading medical experts across the globe, and having a wide range of medical reviews.


           A dedicated customer care team



          Read more about Proactol in the full Proactol review




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