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          Does the Nutrisystem diet work?


          The Nutrisystem Diet Review


          Nutrisystem is a ready meal replacement program.


          They offer a wide range of different foods, designed to appeal to everyones palette.





          Does the Nutrisystem diet work?



          What is the Nutrisystem diet?


          Nutrisystem is comprehensive diet plan which is focused on healthy eating and physical exercise.


          There are a variety of programs available in the plan, and all revolve around ordering specially pre-prepared ready meals, tailored to your individual requirements.


          Whether you are male or female, young or old, Nutrisystem has developed a program for everyone.


          Who founded the Nutrisystem diet?


          During the 1970抯 Nutrisystem was the company behind the rather unsuccessful 'Weight Loss Center", which ran for over 20 years. After deciding to expand in to the supplement industry, the company have since re-branded themselves, and launched a new online enterprise. Nutrisystem are now experiencing incredible success with their line of diet food produce.


          NutriSystems own ready meals are purchased from their official online site and quickly shipped to your home. They offer several discounts depending on the package you order. While there is a wide range of meals available, you should be aware that all of the food has been processed, with some meals containing quite high amounts of salt.


          Paying extra for convenience?


          Considering the amount the average person spends each week on groceries, and just how little most of us find the time to prepare and plan meals, it should be of little surprise that the diet plan is growing in popularity.


          Nutrisystem is very similar to the Jenny Craig range of diet products, which also provide pre-packaged foods with the intention of portion-controlled fat loss.


          The major distinction is the fact Jenny Craig bills a subscription charge and requires you to enter into a contract. In contrast, Nutrisystem offers free membership and no contracts are needed. However, Jenny Craig enables you to visit with a live counselor, while Nutrisystem simply provides telephone guidance.


          Nutrisystem cost


          Nutrisystem meals do come at a premium, and of course is much more expensive then sourcing the ingredients yourself. Many people report that they follow the plan for around 9 weeks, deciding if they have not lost weight by that time, then the cost is simply too much to contine.


          Does Nutrisystem really work?


          Comments from users consist of both very good reports to very poor, with both taste and cost being a major factor in giving up on the plan.


          There are also complaints on various forums regarding Nutrisystem and yo-yo dieting. Some users are reporting they are putting any weight lost back on, after the plan is finished. This is due to the challenging task of returning to regular eating habits, without the comfort of calorie and portion controlled meals.


          Nutrisystem Verdict    3/5


          Everybody knows to lose weight you must count the calories and watch what you eat, the fact that Nutrisystem keeps this simple and eliminates any of the guesswork in portion sizes, we can see why many people choose it.


          However, we find that the program does not encourage long term healthy eating, and unless you have a bottomless pocket, the plan may not be for everyone.


          Other Alternatives Worth Considering....


          Proactol Plus


          Controlling food cravings and overeating is not easy but there are supplements which can help the amount you eat, better yet; they can also re-train long term eating habits and usually only need to be taken for a matter of months.


          This is why appetite suppressants are still the number 1 selling and most effective diet supplement available today, with Proactol pretty much miles in front of the rest.


          Find out how Proactol could help you control what you eat for good in our Proactol Review



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