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          BMI Calculator | Calculate Your Body Mass Index


          BMI Calculator


          Quickly find out your Body mass Index or BMI with our simple to use calculator.


          Just type in your weight and height and our calculator will show you your results instantly.






          BMI Calculator - Find Your Body Mass Index



          What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?


          Body mass index is a useful tool used to quickly workout and establish if someone is a healthy weight for their height. Although your BMI does not tell you your actual body fat percentage, it is does give you a general idea if you are the recommended and healthy weight for your height.


          The BMI is widely used by doctors as a diagnostic tool, as it can show instantly if there are any problems with your weight. It is important to know your BMI, and more importantly make sure it is within a healthy range, as being overweight can lead to an increased risk of having more serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.


          How to calculate your BMI


          The easiest way to find your Body Mass index is to use our fab little BMI calculator below.


          It is quick and simple to use, just enter your weight in pounds and height in feet and inches, and our calculator will do the rest for you.


          Are you a healthy weight for your height? Find out below -






          Body Mass Index categories


          Here you can see the catogories used by the BMI based upon your score.




          BMI Score



          Less than 14.9



          From 15 - 18.4



           18.5 - 22.9



          23 - 27.5



          27.6 - 40

          Morbidly Obese 


          More than 40



          Body Mass Index chart


          An easy to read BMI chart.





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